Pure Salt x Solé Vintage Draperies

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Handcrafted from beautiful 100% linen, our drapes in soft neutral colors, complement every color scheme and blend into the design of a room while adding subtle elegance. Equally aesthetic as they are functional, the details of the drapery make the design, from the flawless pleats and quality rings to the structured stitching on the hem, these drapes feel like a work of art put to use.

MATERIAL: 100% Linen

WIDTH: 60" / 126" / 180"

LENGTH: 88" / 100" / 112"


60" Width provide approximately 30"-60"in coverage

126" Width provides approximately 61"-126" in coverage

180" Width provide approximately 127"-180" in coverage

Draperies are made to order & will ship in 14-21 business days.

For custom sizes please email Shoppe@puresaltinteriors.com

Wrinkle and Stretching Disclaimer

Before completing your purchase, we would like to bring to your attention the potential for wrinkling and stretching in any linen drapes. While 100% linen fabrics make beautiful, textured drapery panels, the natural flax fibers from which the linen is woven can react in different ways based on factors including the weight of the fabric, the humidity, and the temperature of your home environment, and more. Because of this, we cannot guarantee against wrinkling, stretching, or fading of your Linen drapes.
We recommend removing your drapes from the packaging as soon as possible after delivery. Carefully lay them out flat on a clean surface and hang them as soon as possible to avoid further wrinkling. A wrinkle-release product such as Downey Wrinkle Releaser can be helpful in relaxing wrinkles acquired during shipping. Some wrinkles may require pressing by a drapery cleaning service or a dry cleaner who specializes in draperies. All of these methods may cause some stretching and must be used at your own risk. Some wrinkles will relax naturally on their own with time.