Vintage Rugs

We are rolling out the red carpet for our new collection of vintage rugs! Part of our Certified Original Pure Salt Collection, these vintage rugs are all so one-of-a-kind with their unique weaves, coloring, and patterns we love using them in our projects because they bring such a sense of history and wonder to a space, warming it with it's own well-loved story.

We hope to inspire a love for these vintage beauties in your home, so we thought it important to answer all your burning questions and show off our favorite features of this collection! Read on to learn everything you need to know about our vintage rugs and then shop them all to find you new favorite thing!


Out of all the special qualities of a vintage rug, our favorite has got to be that each one is totally unique and one-of-a-kind. We love the idea of finding unique treasures and layer them into your home for a curated and designed space. And we especially enjoy the rich history of each piece—you can feel the well-loved fibers and see the subtle wear from years of use and care—what a conversation piece!


All the rugs in our Certified Original collection are genuine antiques from as far as Turkey, India, Pakistan, and other countries that value and honor weaving and rug making. We work with experts to find and restore these vintage pieces, taking our time to make sure each one has new life breathed into it so it will last for many more decades to come.

Size and Price

This collection offers a range of sizes and patterns, so there are plenty of options to choose from for the perfect fit for your home! With large-scale pieces measuring between 8-10' x 9-13', to runners for hallways and entries, to smaller kilim mats and area rugs, we love having such a variety of unique pieces to offer. And with such a large selection, the price rang for these vintage pieces also spans from affordable to investment.

Cleaning and Care

Because these rugs can be delicate and restored, we recommend a gentle cleaning routine:

  • Vacuum 1x/week, avoiding the fringe along the edge (if any)
  • Spot treatment with warm water and mild detergent (avoiding bleach) as needed

If you experience a more serious stain (i.e. wine or pet urine) we always recommend taking your rug to a professional cleaner as soon as possible before the stain sets.

Unique Markings, Colors, and Stitching

Since we love vintage rugs so much, all the pieces in this collection were hand-sourced by us and chosen for their special and unique qualities and differences—that's what make them so sought after and one-of-a-kind for our projects and your home! Notice that they all feature distinct characteristics forged by the passage of time and many years of use, and your rug may differ from end to end with changes in the weft and weave. We also love the slight pattern variation and tonal differences due to the hand-dying and weaving process, fading, and wear all of which is inherent in vintage pieces.

Mackenzie Kilim Rugs

Vintage kilim is one of our favorite textiles to work with (we use it to upholster our ottomans, benches, headboards, you name it!) so we are so excited to offer a truly unique collection of kilim rugs! With the help of our vintage rug and textile experts, we have compiled an assortment of vintage kilim that varies in size, stitching, weave, color, and other markings. We love that each one is so unique and special, and while there is no guarantee in the exact look of the Mackenzie you purchase, we think the element of surprise is quite exciting and special—and the fact that these hand-selected rugs are all equally beautiful means there is no way to go wrong! Check out a selection of Mackenzies available, then shop for a surprise!

July 22, 2021 —