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The holidays are the time of year where we start feeling extra nostalgic and reminisce in overdrive—2021 has had its challenges, but it also brought us some incredible growth and lots to be thankful for! With our Holiday Collection available on the Shoppe, all the creating we've committed to this year has been put into perspective, so join us for a little walk down memory lane and celebrate all this year has sown with us!

In early spring, we were honored to host and speak at a local women in business event curated by The Influence Collective. We were asked to speak on our experience as two best friends, turned moms, turned entrepreneurs and business partners, and share in our belief on the power of sisterhood in business and in life. It was at that event that we were introduced to the amazing, wonderful, compassionate, and all around lovely Kirsten Dickerson, current president of Tirzah International, and the rest is, as they say, history!

Meet Tirzah International

After meeting Kirsten and hearing her speak about the work she does through Tirzah, we immediately knew we needed to be involved. We know first-hand how integral women are to their families, their communities, and the incomparable strength that defines women, so we started our partnership with Tirzah to support and elevate women around the world in their growth and empowerment through our own talents and passions. When women rise, the world rises with them and Tirzah tirelessly works on behalf of women’s global fight for equality and justice. For the past four decades, Tirzah has been building a network of female leaders to create opportunities for women to discover their God-given potential through three core initiatives: micro-enterprise, leadership development, and local sustainability. By tapping into the inherent sisterhood women share, Tirzah and their partners serve women impacted by injustices such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, trafficking, and violence and help them grow into roles of leadership and empowerment.

Tirzah works directly with local leaders to connect with women across the globe facilitating their businesses, empowering them for leadership opportunities, and emphasizing and funding sustainable solutions for them and their families. And we are so proud to be part of this network by directly supporting women and their businesses, creating beautiful products for our clients and customers with incredible talented female artisans around the world!

This Holiday Season

With so much beauty and cheer around us during the holidays, it's important for us to center and celebrate the true meaning of the season: giving and spreading love. A large part of our Holiday Collection is made in direct partnership with the micro-businesses Tirzah supports. These women have dedicated their incredible talent and time to create some truly beautiful pieces that have tremendous heart. We love that each hand-made piece comes with a unique story imbued within it, and directly supports the women and their families behind the craftsmanship. Plus, with each purchase of a Pure Salt x Tirzah product, 20% off proceeds go straight to the organization to further economic opportunities for women and girls all around the world. We love a gift that keeps on giving!

Our Vision for the Future

Change happens when we come together. To broaden the reach of Tirzah and to further connect ourselves to this organization and the women supported, we will be traveling with Kirsten and the Tirzah team to meet the women creators to collaborate on product development at the local level. First up, a trip to Kenya in the new year, followed by potential trips to Ethiopia in September and India in November. We are so eager to meet with the women working through Tirzah, their families, and their communities—to hear their stories, share their joys, and scour the world for incredible artisans who are beautifully hand-crafting pieces! From Kenya to California, we really are not so disconnected as it seems. Human kindness and global sisterhood are the ties that bind.

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November 12, 2021 —