We've been feeling a little nostalgic lately—maybe it's the change in seasons, fall has always prompted us to look back and reminisce—and thought it hight time to share all the details behind and oldie but goodie: our Peninsula Project!

This project is a house turned office and home to Lauren Conrad and her team. We love the idea to creating a workspace out of a home, and met the challenge of defining a functional office within a traditional house head on. With lots of romantic and feminine details that perfectly suit Lauren and her brand, we had plenty to play with to make this space feel soft and pretty while still tapping into the functional clean aesthetic of a Pure Salt design! Check out the looks below!


With soft pink plaster hood and brass fixtures, the kitchen sparkles with playful, girly energy! This space had to be practical as a meal prep station for employees and communal area that facilitates team building, all while still being a home kitchen. We turned to our tried and true techniques for personalizing a standard space and jazzed them up—we added a plaster hood above the range to enhance the back wall, but went with a pale blush tone to keep things playful and unique to Lauren and her team. The result feel warm and homey, but has a fun twist that goes hand-in-hand with this office atmosphere.


The dining room is easy breezy with oversized windows that light the space and woven accents that bring the outdoors in! Another pink plaster wall ties this space to the kitchen and makes the open flow feel cohesive and one-of-a-kind. The key to playing with color is to keep things as close to neutral as possible to ensure everything looks classic and fresh as trends come and go.

Living Room

Much like the kitchen and dining areas, the living room is pretty in peach with lots of romantic accents and feminine touches. Beautiful drapery softens the windows and diffuses the light, plush upholstery stacked with pillows ups the cozy factor, and simple styling that brings in more brass accents make this space sing!

We designed this room to feel cozy and pretty, which meant layering up on textiles and balancing with light oak wood to add in warmth. The result is a room acts as a gathering space for meetings, modular work, and a sense of homey comfort.

Powder Room

Since this project wasn’t a traditional home, we had fun getting playful and finding elements to make each space unique to Lauren and her business! This powder bath was a great challenge for us to make pink, Pure Salt! We love the statement wallpaper—it brings in vintage-esque sensibility with its pink and green frond motif that's a bit retro and girly while still feeling fresh and unique.

Guest Suite

The best part of having an office in house? You can offer a guest suite to clients and employees! We wanted to create a simple and relaxing retreat that felt cozy and like it wasn't attached to an office environment. The clean and refined bedroom is decked out in white bedding that plays with texture for a layered look full of dimension and coziness, it's hard to resist just falling into bed!

The guest bath also feels clean and fresh with it's all white look and tons of natural light. We couldn't resist adding in a framed vintage swimsuit to pay homage to the beachy location of this house and as a nod to the lauren and her employee's lifestyle.

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October 04, 2021 —