Mallorca Recap

Last week my husband Dustin and I took a much needed, kid-free vacation to the Spanish Mediterranean—to call it a trip of a lifetime is an understatement, I have quite literally been dreaming about visiting Mallorca since I first learned about La Residencia Hotel a few years ago and I can't believe that we finally got to experience it in person! I was in awe for a week, living on Spanish time, fining inspiration and creatively recharging. I'm a big believer in prioritizing time to get away so that you can keep up with all the demands life throws at you, and I was beyond grateful that my escape from reality took place in this incredible location.

I wanted to share a little recap along with my itinerary in the event that anyone is looking for vacation inspo or Mallorca recommendations, and honestly to preserve my memories to relive for summers to come.

Day 1

After a long day of travel, which included dropping the kids off in Kansas City to spend some quality time with my in laws, Dustin and I made it to Mallorca with two things in mind: find food, go to bed.

We arrived at our hotel: La Residencia (which is truly one of the most incredible hotels I have ever been fortunate enough to stay at!—the views! The amenities! The friendly staff and beautiful atmosphere!) and had dinner in the hotel's casual restaurant Cafe Miro. We then had ourselves an early night to prepare for our first full day in Spain!

Day 2

We woke up on our first Mallorcan morning with the best breakfast at our hotel—it was complimentary and amazing! After fueling up, we enjoyed slowly strolling through Deià, shopping and site-seeing, before finding a spot to stop for a much needed drink at El Bar.

When it was time for lunch, we found the cutest little spot called Bistro Rullan where we shared a bottle of wine with an assortment of tapas, truly living the Spanish lifestyle. Set back in the hills with a terrance-like outdoor dining area, this spot is idyllic for soaking up the sun and enjoying the views of Deià while enjoying fresh bites and great wine.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to rest and freshen up before making our way to dinner at Es Taller in Valldemossa, a town a short drive to the south of Deià. This meal was a highlight of our trip—the food was incredible and we spent the evening walking around this cute village set into the Tramuntana mountains.

And so our first day in Mallorca came to an end and with full bellies and happy hearts we returned to our hotel for the best night's sleep we've had in a while.

Day 3

Our third day of vacation was one of the more exhilarating of the trip, full of exploration, relaxation, and a night full of fun!

We set out in the morning with the plan to spend the day in Banyalbufar, one of the smallest mountain villages on Mallorca about a 40 minute south from Deià. The drive took us through an unbelievably windy road, that made me so carsick I barely made it through the journey. Once safe off the street, we seated ourselves at Bellavista for a drink. The view was great with sweeping ocean views, but made me think, after all the trouble it took to get there, it wasn't maybe worth the drive.

We decided to spend the rest of the afternoon lounging by the pool. I was so grateful to actually have some time to rest and recharge and enjoy a true vacation, even if it was just for a few hours. After an afternoon of sun, we headed to happy hour at the cocktail bar in our hotel to hear some live music before we headed to dinner.

We ate at Tratorilla, and Italian restaurant in Deià that had another terraced patio for dining. The food was good, but nothing to rave about (I much preferred the authentic tapas from the day prior). What really made the night was our nightcap back at El Bar where we drank and reveled until 2:00am—the ultimate night out for mom and dad!

Day 4

After a late night out the day before, we kept the day fairly simple with an excursion. We found ourselves a bit of fun with a donkey walk at our hotel, La Residencia! This unusual lunch experience included a gourmet picnic high in the mountain overlooking the ocean—with donkeys!

The 30 minute walk up the mountain was peaceful and easy with the donkeys carrying the bulk of the picnic load. Once settled in our lunch spot we enjoyed a few courses of cured meats and cheeses, an abundance of fresh produce, and Mallorca pizzas and pies—all authentic and locally made by the incredible chef!

After eating, we hiked back down the mountain, said goodbye to the donkeys, and made our way into Palma to tour the old town. After a few days of small villages and mountain towns, this was our first 'city' experience and it did not disappoint! Palma is beautiful, with stunning architecture and buzzing energy. The streets are narrow and colorful, filled with interesting Arab inspired buildings that hint at Palma's rich and varied history as a landing point in the Spanish Mediterranean.

For dinner we went to OMBU in Palma for more Mallorcan favorites with tapas and a pitcher of sangria. We loved the atmosphere with its moody, dimly lit interior and would recommend it to anyone who finds their way to Palma.

Day 5

Looking for another activity on our fifth day we took a sculpting class with Juan. This was so much fun and allowed us to playfully create and immerse ourselves with an expert. We then walked down to town and had pizza at Es Punt for lunch. It was the perfect little bite—so good and reasonably priced.

After a quiet afternoon by the pool, we arrived in Port Sóller for a sunset boat cruise. This was another highlight of our trip; seeing Mallorca from the sea offered an entirely new perspective to the island and revealed even more beauty, plus we love an evening on the water—the sunset was incredible!

After such a full day, we opted for room service for dinner and relaxed in our own space. The quiet evening was so peaceful and much needed after a few days of go go going.

Day 6

Feeling rested and recharged, we rented Vespas bright and early for a way to get around and see the sights. First stop was Port Sóller (where we met our boat the night before) for a beach walk and a little lunch. We ate and drank at a little spot called Patiki Beach that had amazing Mediterranean fare that is prepared and served farm to table right on the beach! After lunch, we took the scooters to Fornalutx, a picturesque village high up in the Tramuntana mountains. There we walked around and found a drink to sip while we enjoyed the atmosphere of the town.

From Fornalutx, we rode to Sóller, the inland town where the port gets its name, and continued to snack and sip. We found some much needed gelato and finished the afternoon walking around enjoying the sights.

Dinner this night was at El Olivio at our hotel before heading up to bed to rest before our last day in Mallorca.

Day 7

To really end this vacation on the right foot, we partook in one of our favorite resort experiences: a massage at the spa. We left feeling so relaxed and pampered and decided to slowly enjoy the rest of our day with a little lunch at Sa Fonda. Here we had really great tacos while we took in the views of the town from the quaint patio.

Like most final days of vacations do, this one seemed to fly by. Next thing we knew, we were on our way to dinner at Restaurant Nama, a Thai-inspired spot with a beautiful outdoor dining area. And just like that, our dream Mallorca vacation was complete and we were on our way back to the states to pick up the kids and return to our home together.

June 24, 2022 —