Make Your Bed


The key to make any bed look and feel luxurious and dreamy is in the way you make it. Our go-to secret is to add thoughtful layers, and that is the reason why we created our bedding collection around the possibilities of layering. There are plenty of ways to mix & match and refresh your bedding look with pieces from our new bedding collection! We are positive you will find a look you'll love, and achieve the goal of having a space where you can cozy up and lie down in a space that feels like a retreat away from the busy word. Read on to learn how we like to create the perfect bed for style and sleep!

Step One

First and foremost, you must have clean, natural-fiber sheets. We love our cotton sateen Gulfstream sheet set because they breathe well through the night and hold up through many washes—not to mention they are oh so soft!

With their subtle pinstripe, these sheets are a true neutral with a bit of interest and dimension to keep your bed looking dynamic and totally layered.

Step Two

If you haven't realized it yet, here's the big tip: layer up! We love adding a quilt or blanket over our top sheet for practical use, extra warmth, as well as a pop of texture. We like to fold our sheet over the edge of this blanket to help keep this layer tightly tucked for a solid foundation to the bed.

Step Three

The showstopper of any bed is the duvet, so choose a duvet in a varied color, pattern, and texture from the base layers of your bed so that they compliment one another. Because our bedding collection is so neutral and versatile, it takes the guesswork out of pairing pieces—everything works together! And since our duvets are reversible, your bed looks even more layered when you fold over the duvet to reveal the underside, so you can create a totally custom look that suits your space.

If you need some guidance on a look that's right for you, this is why we love each of our duvets: our Riptide duvet is perfect for a cool toned palette, and we love that the thick gray stripes echo the thing pinstripe of our Gulstream sheets! Our Cliffisde duvet is full of interest since it has two thicknesses of stripes on either side in the most delicious taupe color, so you can decide hoe much pattern you have going on. And our Softshell duvet has the prettiest oatmeal linen on one side, and a subtle textured cream strip on the other—perfect for more a calm and elegant look. No matter which you choose, you can't go wrong!

Step Four

Now it's time to add decorative pillows! We recommend using at least three, but you can add as many as your heart desires and bed size allows. First start with your Euro Shams (one for a twin bed, two for a queen, and three on a king), then choose two larger square pillows and "chop" them using your hand to make an indentation in the top middle. Layer on a lumbar for a change of shape and you've got yourself a Pure Salt approved pillow stack!

Step Five

Last, are final touches. To up the cozy factor, always throw a throw across the bed, or tucked it along the foot. Our Shoreline throws are perfect since they have a great waffle-knit texture and come in both white and beige to complement all of our duvets on every side.

August 16, 2021 —