The Pure Salt Approach To

Holiday Gift Wrap

Months ago, way before the holiday season was upon us, we were vintage hunting for new pieces for the Shoppe and came across some beautiful sentimental trinkets, including a collection of postcards written from a young man to his grandmother. He wished her a merry Christmas and talked of their next visit in the New Year, and even though we had never met this family and had no connection to their story, we felt so touched by the simple letters.

We loved the aged look of these vintage postcards, their charm, and the sense of nostalgia they invoked in us, that we were instantly inspired for our gift wrap approach this holiday season! If you couldn't already tell, we LOVE gift wrapping and like to think that the wrapping is almost as important and the gift itself—the presentation means you took a little extra time and care to create something beautiful for someone you love. For us, it doesn't need to be flashy, instead simplicity is key with a perfect marriage of classic and relaxed touches (think craft paper, wax seals, jute twine) for a result that is a gift for the eyes!

Step 1

Start with a neutral base. Think natural materials and colors, like craft paper or a creamy scrap linen or drop cloth! We also love the idea of reusing materials throughout the years and love that a fabric gift wrap will last season to season for a worn and well-loved look.

Step 2

Instead of flashy gift tags, we love a classic wax seal to attach unique cards. You can personalize your stamp with the initials of your kids to differentiate the presents under the tree, or customize with your family name for a thoughtful touch when wrapping a hostess gift!

For the cards, we love more vintage postcards, aged sheet music, or hand written notes—anything that feels unique or personal and elevates the gift to be an experience in itself!

Step 3

No Pure Salt present is complete without some greens. Add a festive sprig for a pretty finishing touch and a bit of texture under the tree. Our favorite: juniper stems! The evergreen needles are a classic that perfectly complement trees of all types and tones.

Step 4

Finally, add a raw-edge linen ribbon for some classic flair—we love to use neutral plaids to feel extra festive—and tie in a simple bow! If you're feeling ambitious, layer a few ribbons of varied thickness for a textured looks full of festive depth.

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December 14, 2021 —