Surf City


The Surf City Project great room is a feat of bright and breezy living. With a open flow from the family room to the dining nook to the kitchen that mimics the overall flow of the home from its courtyard to its California room, this home speaks to easy entertaining and relaxed living that just makes our hearts sing!

And we know you all have been loving this project too! From the paint colors, to the furniture, to the fabulous styling pieces, we’ve received hundreds of questions about this space! If you’re dying to get the look for yourself, read on to see all the goodies in the Surf City great room!

Open Shelving

A carefully curated shelf styled with our favorite shoppe pieces! It’s all about mixing materials and creating shapes—finding a balance between colors and layout. Here’s what you need:

A. Sylvie Pot with a faux fern

B. Sunset Wave print

C. Emily Seagrass Tray for some life for a pop of color for texture

Dining Nook

Whether you have a nook, a banquette, or a traditional table, a cozy dining area is all about creating a central place to gather. When designing dining, use…

A. Mella pendant

B. Surfer Stretch print

C. Gina Dining Chairs for ambiance and texture for a beachfront view for the whole family to gather around.

Kitchen Island

Designing an island is all about marrying function and style—kitchens are more than just the place we cook, they are the place we share our meals and our days. Our go-to pieces:

A. Ava stools (we love their backs for long sits at the island)

B. Sabrina vase for fronds and blooms

C. Benjamin Moore Manor Blue paint for the cabinets.

Wet Bar

Whether you have a built-in wet bar or something less permanent like a bar cart, leave neither neglected. Don’t forget:

A. Lennox mugs for a shiny touch

B. Mike vase, or other jars to present your bar accouterments

C. A fern drop-in for a bit of greenery and movement

Seating Arrangements

The ultimate goal in designing a layout for family room seating is to maximize comfort and coziness. It’s as easy as…

A. Layering pillows like our Greenley, Lilah, and Porter!

B. Always drape a Hermosa throw across the chaise

C. Start with a rug (like our Pippa!) as your solid foundation

May 23, 2021 —