Floral Guide

Post-college, I found myself working as a florist and quickly fell in love with the field. I enjoyed working with greens and blooms every day, and appreciated the creativity it afforded me as I build my career with my own floral business. Over the years, I grew to design florals for premier weddings and plan events. It was through my floral business that I got my first gigs designing homes and where the beginnings of Pure Salt were formed, so although I no longer own a floral studio, you'll never find me far from tending greens and designing arrangements for our clients and my own home.

In the sprit of spring, I wanted to share my tips for creating a beautiful arrangement that feels fresh and soft and is sure to impress guests and wow friends, and bring a special touch to your home for the season.

What You'll Need


  •  Spirea
  • Gardenia Foliage
  • Bay Leaf


  • Frill Tulips
  • Ranunculus

Tip 01. Shape

Before jumping in to arranging your florals and greens, think about the shape you want to create. Will it be full for a large table? Or tall to accentuate ceilings? For structure and movement, opt for a V shape to keep things dynamic and interesting.

Tip 02. Movement

For an arrangement that looks and feels lively and fresh, choose foliage and blooms that offer movement. Spirea sprigs as a base will float and fall for a full look, and ranunculus flowers will dance when placed at varying heights.

Tip 03. Color

A clean and neutral palette is classic and always in style, but you can also play with color in your florals to embrace the season and celebrate the beauty of nature. When I choose to add color, I still like to stick with muted and cohesive colors for an elegant and elevated look, like blush peonies, cream tulips, and of course, classic shades of green.

Things of Note

To help keep your arrangements long-lasting and beautiful, i have a few maintenance tips and tricks. First, trim your stems. Before arranging your stems, make sure you trim any access leaves that will sit below the rim of your vase. This will help to prevent crowding in your vessel and create an overall cleaner and refined look.

Second, utilize florist tools, like floral wire to hold shape in your arrangement, or floral tape to provide support and structure.

Last, make sure to regularly change the water in your vase. This will help keep your blooms fresh and vibrant for as long as possible.

June 24, 2022 —