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Who's ready for Thanksgiving next week?! We are ready for some quality family time and (quantity food time) but are feeling the stress of hosting, especially after last year's quieter affairs, so we thought we'd gather our tried and true tips for entertaining this season and share for anyone who needs a little boost! Read on to see how we create a Pure Salt inspired evening without running ourselves into the ground.

Put on Some Music

The tunes will set the mood, so pick something to enhance the vibe and turn it on while you prep so you’re in the entertaining spirit by the time guests arrive! For our current season, nothing beats classical jazz or some singers and standards, and if you're in need of a festive playlist, check out our Pure Salt Holiday Playlist on Spotify!

Light All the Candles

Mood lighting is key, and nothing is moodier than flickering candles! We love that a relatively inexpensive touch can make all the difference, so add them to your table, your mantle, and everywhere else for soft light and a bit of festive scent. Another option for ambiance is a dimmer switch or twinkle lights as an alternative to bright overhead lighting. 

Prep Beforehand

Speaking of prep, do as much as you can the night before—make simple eats and keep in the fridge, set the table with all your dishware and styling, clean all your areas—that way you’ll have minimal time away from your guests and can enjoy their company! 

Use What You Have

It’s stressful enough hosting and taking care of your guests, keep things simple and use what you have and just elevate it with special touches. Example: use your serving plates, but decorate your table with tons of candles!

Easy Entertaining

For gatherings large and small, we love a charcuterie board! It’s an easy and elegant way to feed your guests. Whether you make a small plate or a large grazing tray, charcuterie boards are fun to make and beautiful to present.

Our Method: It’s trendy lately to lean into excess when creating a charcuterie board—rivers of salami, 5+ cheeses, all the fruits—but much like our design philosophy, we think less is more! 

We like to approach our charcuterie boards with intention, creating delicious pairings and playing with color and texture for a board that looks as good as it tastes. 

So think in twos: a soft and a hard cheese, a salami and a prosciutto, a cracker and a toast, and as a little extra, a dried fruit and a nut! Add a bowl of pepper jelly or fig jam and you’ve got all your bases covered for a charcuterie board that is sure to please and doesn’t overwhelm the palette or the eye! 

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November 16, 2021 —