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Whether you have a big backyard or petite patio, we believe having outdoor space is a gift that should not be wasted! Our favorite part about living in Southern California is that our outdoor season lasts all year long, so we make a point to enjoy it and emphasize it in all our design projects, near and far. Connecting with nature, enjoying the sun and breeze, eating meals outdoors, and entertaining under that stars are all possible when you maximize what space you have and create an outdoor oasis that suits you and your family's lifestyle


If you have the space for it, adding an outdoor dining table is a game changer for the summer! We love alfresco dining for most meals when the weather is nice and the nights long, so tucking a table into your design is our preferred way to utilize outdoor space.

Remember, you don't have to accommodate a giant table that seats 10! Bistro tables are a great option for smaller yards or for couples.


Aside for dining, we love adding seating arrangements in outdoor spaces. Where they are benches built into the wall, sofas surrounding a fire feature, or lounge chairs by the pool, having a spot to relax and enjoy the weather or your company is such a great use of your yard!

Our Outdoor Faves!


The crux of any well-designed outdoor space is using durable, weather-resistant materials so you can enjoy your outdoor living area for many seasons to come. All the furniture we use is made with treated woods and metals to be rust and weather proof. And out signature outdoor pillows are the perfect marriage of durability and beauty, withstanding the elements and the color palettes of changing seasons.

For your hardscape, the same rule of thumb applies—use hardy materials that build character as they age through seasons. For example, we love natural stone for its already weather-worn appearance.


To us, outdoor decor means lots of greenery and great textiles. Adding potted plants near your furniture helps bridge the natural and the living space, and allows you to get creative with the shapes and materials of the pots and ceramics you use. Textiles come from outdoor rugs, upholstery, and pillows to mix patterns and colors for a dynamic look.

If you are interested in styling outdoor tabletops, be sure to choose pieces that will sustain an outdoor environment, like woods and ceramics rather than glass or certain metals.

So many styling options!


So complement your hardscape and furnishing, landscaping should feel natural and nature-filled. Go with non-invasive local greenery that will thrive in your climate. For us, that's citrus trees, passionfruit and other trailing vines, and plenty of draught resistance shrubbery that adds great texture!

Design Tip: Gardens will take a bit of time to grow in, so remembering to leave enough space so as to not overcrowd your plants will make all the difference later on. We like a old-growth look, but not a jungle!

August 03, 2021 — Leigh Lincoln
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