Solé Shades

As Pure Salt grows, so does our network of incredible creators. We've been lucky to find amazing partners to work with who want to collaborate with us to bring some stunning pieces to the shoppe—most recently, Solé Shades.

We've been huge fans of Solé for years, using their gorgeous linen drapery and woven shades in our design projects from the get-go, so when we started thinking about k=how to bring our custom drapery look to the shoppe for our customers, we knew it could be no other way than Solé!


Solé Shades has dozens of styles for drapes and shades, so when we were choosing what to include in our collection we had a lot of options to work with. But the decision was relatively clear—we wanted to create with our most loved pleated style. This is the type we have in our own homes, and the recommendation we give to clients who want a simple, elegant look that is simultaneously timeless and oh-so fresh.


We are die hards for a neutral palette, but that doesn't limit us to just one color! Neutrals encompass everything from whites and beiges, to subdued earthy tones, and muted blues and grays, so we wanted to offer a selection that worked for a range of color palettes while still feeling natural and soft. Solé makes all kinds of linen drapes in dozens of colors and patterns, helping us hone in on five colorways to round out our collection.

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Equally important as the drapes, is the hardware you hang them on. We wanted a sleek yet classic look and feel, so we worked with Solé to create three metal finishes (brass, bronze, and matte black) in three styles (ball finial, endcap, and privacy rod) that would not only appeal to every taste and style, but complement all five colorways of our drapery.

June 13, 2022 —