Open Bar

Having a bar in your home should be a reflection of you and the type of entertaining you like to host! Whether you love cocktails, wine, or prefer to keep a dry house, we think a bar can be the perfect hub for fun sips and design tips! 

We've Designed our fair share of in-house bars—everything from built-in wet bars, to designated kitchen corners with shelving for glassware, to simple wine setups. Through it all, we've learned and collected our must-know tips for creating. bar for many happy hours to come!

Opt for the Wine Fridge

Having a dedicated wine fridge is a great way to compartmentalize your kitchen and create a zone for mixing drinks. We love integrating a fridge with the surrounding cabinets, or making it the focal point of the space. 

Lennox Stainless Steel

Moscow Mule Mug

Willow Tray

Jared Cotton Striped

Wine Bag With Tassels

Utilize Open Shelving

Open shelving is the perfect way to display your gorgeous glassware and beautiful bottles. Styling shelves with bar decor is not only a way to showcase your glass pieces, but allows for easy access when mixing cocktails!

Rohle Board

Mike Vase

Krista Tray

Opal Planter

Don't forget to accessorize!

Have Fun With Tile

A wet bar is a prime opportunity to get playful with your backsplash! The small surface area means you can experiment with color, pattern, or texture, turning your bar from household utility to design statement 

Olive Tree 17"

Capitola Stool

Allison Pitcher

Bring Back the Liquor Cabinet

While bar carts and wet bars have their perks, there’s no replacing the granddaddy of alcohol storage: the liquor cabinet. We love updating this classic with statement doors and curated displays.

Middle of the Ocean 3

Xander Jug

Vanessa Glass Decorative Bottle

Eat Drink Nap

Our Go-To Cocktail Recipe

Opal Planter

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