Round Top Round Up

For as long as we have been friends we have loved the art of sourcing vintage finds; rummaging through flea markets, scouring consignment shops, and seeking out all things with a story is a deeply rewarding hobby that we bring to all of our designs and now to the shoppe. 

A few months ago, we ventured off to Round Top, TX for the ultimate vintage gathering: the eponymous Antiques Show! It's there that we find the bulk of the vintage and antique goodies we love to use in our client projects and we thought it was high time that we get enough pieces to be able to bring them to the shoppe for all of you to enjoy in your own designs.

Now, almost 5 months later, we are looking back as we move forward—our Certified Original vintage and handmade collection is launching and we are reminiscing on those good ole Texas days as we treasure hunted through fields for all tour newest favorite shoppe finds! Take a stroll down memory lane with us...

Our Stay

For our weekend in Round Top we were lucky enough to stay in the most charming B&B, The Frenchie. This 19th-century farmhouse has all the old-world character in it's exterior with a sweeping porch and sprawling grounds that really make you feel like you are stepping back in time. But when you walk through the turquoise doors you find yourself in an eclectic, modern and cool property that is layered with antiques and plenty of funky pieces. Not to mention we had the coziest rooms where we were able to decompress from our long days of antiquing and great amenities for us to enjoy our time in Texas. We really had the best stay with the most welcoming hosts and people, we can't recommend The Frenchie enough!

Our Finds

There are so many killer vendors at Round Top it was quite a dizzying experience to find ourselves in the midst of it all! But that is where we thrive—feeling our way through aisles of found objects and pieces with their own unique story.

We saw some incredible restored vintage furniture form Switzerland and Belgium, not to mention textiles from Turkey and Pakistan. There were trinkets from the turn of the century plus tons of goodies from just a few decades past!

Rows and rows and rows of treasures to be found (can you tell we get a major rush from this kind of thing?)

too many treasures to choose!

Aly's Faves

If there's one thing I love most about Al, it may have to be her quirky sense of taste when it comes to places like this. She found a few friends to fall in love with, and luckily (for me) she managed to restrain herself enough not to take every last one home.

Our Spoils

In the way that we are fascinated by time and how it shapes the stories of the objects we find and breathe new life into, we are also in awe of how quickly it moves to incorporate us into its lineage—looking back at these photos, reminiscing about this trip, it feel like yesterday, and yet we can already see the changes to the pieces we've taken home with us and put our Pure Salt stamp on. It's the ultimate pleasure to be a part of a story like this. And it's thrilling to think that we are not its endpoint—we hope that you see one of these well-loved pieces with its rich history, pure beauty, and personality to boot and think "wow, that's for me" and now it's life extends into yours. Entwined for the present, defined by the past, and utterly open to the future.

Until next year, Round Top.

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July 26, 2021 —