Product Highlight // Caroline Pacula

Shoppe Exclusive

If you're anything like us, you may be familiar with Caroline's work through outlets like Serena & Lily and in some inspirational projects by some lovely designers on social media. As long-time fans of Caroline's work, we are thrilled to say that we are partnering with her to bring her incredible talent to our Shoppe in an exclusive collaboration. Someone pinch us!

As coastal girls through and through, our hearts are so captivated by her hazy, dream-like eye for horizons near and far. We've been lucky to work with Caroline (a truly genuine, kind, and creative spirit!) to design a collection of never before seen art in our signature Pure Salt frames! Read on to see a glimpse of the entire series, and find yourself taking a visual vacation!

August 08, 2022 —

Á La // Floral Guide


Floral Guide

Post-college, I found myself working as a florist and quickly fell in love with the field. I enjoyed working with greens and blooms every day, and appreciated the creativity it afforded me as I build my career with my own floral business. Over the years, I grew to design florals for premier weddings and plan events. It was through my floral business that I got my first gigs designing homes and where the beginnings of Pure Salt were formed, so although I no longer own a floral studio, you'll never find me far from tending greens and designing arrangements for our clients and my own home.

In the sprit of spring, I wanted to share my tips for creating a beautiful arrangement that feels fresh and soft and is sure to impress guests and wow friends, and bring a special touch to your home for the season.

What You'll Need


  •  Spirea
  • Gardenia Foliage
  • Bay Leaf


  • Frill Tulips
  • Ranunculus

Tip 01. Shape

Before jumping in to arranging your florals and greens, think about the shape you want to create. Will it be full for a large table? Or tall to accentuate ceilings? For structure and movement, opt for a V shape to keep things dynamic and interesting.

Tip 02. Movement

For an arrangement that looks and feels lively and fresh, choose foliage and blooms that offer movement. Spirea sprigs as a base will float and fall for a full look, and ranunculus flowers will dance when placed at varying heights.

Tip 03. Color

A clean and neutral palette is classic and always in style, but you can also play with color in your florals to embrace the season and celebrate the beauty of nature. When I choose to add color, I still like to stick with muted and cohesive colors for an elegant and elevated look, like blush peonies, cream tulips, and of course, classic shades of green.

Things of Note

To help keep your arrangements long-lasting and beautiful, i have a few maintenance tips and tricks. First, trim your stems. Before arranging your stems, make sure you trim any access leaves that will sit below the rim of your vase. This will help to prevent crowding in your vessel and create an overall cleaner and refined look.

Second, utilize florist tools, like floral wire to hold shape in your arrangement, or floral tape to provide support and structure.

Last, make sure to regularly change the water in your vase. This will help keep your blooms fresh and vibrant for as long as possible.

June 24, 2022 —

Á La // Mallorca Recap


Mallorca Recap

Last week my husband Dustin and I took a much needed, kid-free vacation to the Spanish Mediterranean—to call it a trip of a lifetime is an understatement, I have quite literally been dreaming about visiting Mallorca since I first learned about La Residencia Hotel a few years ago and I can't believe that we finally got to experience it in person! I was in awe for a week, living on Spanish time, fining inspiration and creatively recharging. I'm a big believer in prioritizing time to get away so that you can keep up with all the demands life throws at you, and I was beyond grateful that my escape from reality took place in this incredible location.

I wanted to share a little recap along with my itinerary in the event that anyone is looking for vacation inspo or Mallorca recommendations, and honestly to preserve my memories to relive for summers to come.

Day 1

After a long day of travel, which included dropping the kids off in Kansas City to spend some quality time with my in laws, Dustin and I made it to Mallorca with two things in mind: find food, go to bed.

We arrived at our hotel: La Residencia (which is truly one of the most incredible hotels I have ever been fortunate enough to stay at!—the views! The amenities! The friendly staff and beautiful atmosphere!) and had dinner in the hotel's casual restaurant Cafe Miro. We then had ourselves an early night to prepare for our first full day in Spain!

Day 2

We woke up on our first Mallorcan morning with the best breakfast at our hotel—it was complimentary and amazing! After fueling up, we enjoyed slowly strolling through Deià, shopping and site-seeing, before finding a spot to stop for a much needed drink at El Bar.

When it was time for lunch, we found the cutest little spot called Bistro Rullan where we shared a bottle of wine with an assortment of tapas, truly living the Spanish lifestyle. Set back in the hills with a terrance-like outdoor dining area, this spot is idyllic for soaking up the sun and enjoying the views of Deià while enjoying fresh bites and great wine.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to rest and freshen up before making our way to dinner at Es Taller in Valldemossa, a town a short drive to the south of Deià. This meal was a highlight of our trip—the food was incredible and we spent the evening walking around this cute village set into the Tramuntana mountains.

And so our first day in Mallorca came to an end and with full bellies and happy hearts we returned to our hotel for the best night's sleep we've had in a while.

Day 3

Our third day of vacation was one of the more exhilarating of the trip, full of exploration, relaxation, and a night full of fun!

We set out in the morning with the plan to spend the day in Banyalbufar, one of the smallest mountain villages on Mallorca about a 40 minute south from Deià. The drive took us through an unbelievably windy road, that made me so carsick I barely made it through the journey. Once safe off the street, we seated ourselves at Bellavista for a drink. The view was great with sweeping ocean views, but made me think, after all the trouble it took to get there, it wasn't maybe worth the drive.

We decided to spend the rest of the afternoon lounging by the pool. I was so grateful to actually have some time to rest and recharge and enjoy a true vacation, even if it was just for a few hours. After an afternoon of sun, we headed to happy hour at the cocktail bar in our hotel to hear some live music before we headed to dinner.

We ate at Tratorilla, and Italian restaurant in Deià that had another terraced patio for dining. The food was good, but nothing to rave about (I much preferred the authentic tapas from the day prior). What really made the night was our nightcap back at El Bar where we drank and reveled until 2:00am—the ultimate night out for mom and dad!

Day 4

After a late night out the day before, we kept the day fairly simple with an excursion. We found ourselves a bit of fun with a donkey walk at our hotel, La Residencia! This unusual lunch experience included a gourmet picnic high in the mountain overlooking the ocean—with donkeys!

The 30 minute walk up the mountain was peaceful and easy with the donkeys carrying the bulk of the picnic load. Once settled in our lunch spot we enjoyed a few courses of cured meats and cheeses, an abundance of fresh produce, and Mallorca pizzas and pies—all authentic and locally made by the incredible chef!

After eating, we hiked back down the mountain, said goodbye to the donkeys, and made our way into Palma to tour the old town. After a few days of small villages and mountain towns, this was our first 'city' experience and it did not disappoint! Palma is beautiful, with stunning architecture and buzzing energy. The streets are narrow and colorful, filled with interesting Arab inspired buildings that hint at Palma's rich and varied history as a landing point in the Spanish Mediterranean.

For dinner we went to OMBU in Palma for more Mallorcan favorites with tapas and a pitcher of sangria. We loved the atmosphere with its moody, dimly lit interior and would recommend it to anyone who finds their way to Palma.

Day 5

Looking for another activity on our fifth day we took a sculpting class with Juan. This was so much fun and allowed us to playfully create and immerse ourselves with an expert. We then walked down to town and had pizza at Es Punt for lunch. It was the perfect little bite—so good and reasonably priced.

After a quiet afternoon by the pool, we arrived in Port Sóller for a sunset boat cruise. This was another highlight of our trip; seeing Mallorca from the sea offered an entirely new perspective to the island and revealed even more beauty, plus we love an evening on the water—the sunset was incredible!

After such a full day, we opted for room service for dinner and relaxed in our own space. The quiet evening was so peaceful and much needed after a few days of go go going.

Day 6

Feeling rested and recharged, we rented Vespas bright and early for a way to get around and see the sights. First stop was Port Sóller (where we met our boat the night before) for a beach walk and a little lunch. We ate and drank at a little spot called Patiki Beach that had amazing Mediterranean fare that is prepared and served farm to table right on the beach! After lunch, we took the scooters to Fornalutx, a picturesque village high up in the Tramuntana mountains. There we walked around and found a drink to sip while we enjoyed the atmosphere of the town.

From Fornalutx, we rode to Sóller, the inland town where the port gets its name, and continued to snack and sip. We found some much needed gelato and finished the afternoon walking around enjoying the sights.

Dinner this night was at El Olivio at our hotel before heading up to bed to rest before our last day in Mallorca.

Day 7

To really end this vacation on the right foot, we partook in one of our favorite resort experiences: a massage at the spa. We left feeling so relaxed and pampered and decided to slowly enjoy the rest of our day with a little lunch at Sa Fonda. Here we had really great tacos while we took in the views of the town from the quaint patio.

Like most final days of vacations do, this one seemed to fly by. Next thing we knew, we were on our way to dinner at Restaurant Nama, a Thai-inspired spot with a beautiful outdoor dining area. And just like that, our dream Mallorca vacation was complete and we were on our way back to the states to pick up the kids and return to our home together.

June 24, 2022 —



Solé Shades

As Pure Salt grows, so does our network of incredible creators. We've been lucky to find amazing partners to work with who want to collaborate with us to bring some stunning pieces to the shoppe—most recently, Solé Shades.

We've been huge fans of Solé for years, using their gorgeous linen drapery and woven shades in our design projects from the get-go, so when we started thinking about k=how to bring our custom drapery look to the shoppe for our customers, we knew it could be no other way than Solé!


Solé Shades has dozens of styles for drapes and shades, so when we were choosing what to include in our collection we had a lot of options to work with. But the decision was relatively clear—we wanted to create with our most loved pleated style. This is the type we have in our own homes, and the recommendation we give to clients who want a simple, elegant look that is simultaneously timeless and oh-so fresh.


We are die hards for a neutral palette, but that doesn't limit us to just one color! Neutrals encompass everything from whites and beiges, to subdued earthy tones, and muted blues and grays, so we wanted to offer a selection that worked for a range of color palettes while still feeling natural and soft. Solé makes all kinds of linen drapes in dozens of colors and patterns, helping us hone in on five colorways to round out our collection.

Find your perfect look!


Equally important as the drapes, is the hardware you hang them on. We wanted a sleek yet classic look and feel, so we worked with Solé to create three metal finishes (brass, bronze, and matte black) in three styles (ball finial, endcap, and privacy rod) that would not only appeal to every taste and style, but complement all five colorways of our drapery.

June 13, 2022 —

Á La // Baby Shower


Baby Shower

Our Pure Salt family is growing! Over the past 6 months, we've welcomed three new babies to our brood, so we needed to throw a joint baby shower and sip & see for our sweet Design & New Business Manager Kelsea, as well as our Business Advisor Christopher. In honor of them and their new babes, we celebrated the growing of their families and threw this relaxed backyard get together with our team to shower them with all our love. Keep reading to see all the details and hear our tips for throwing a baby shower for the books!

The Location

The backyard at my new house is FINALLY complete, and I knew I wanted to christen it with a super sweet and fun party. Living in Southern California, we love outdoor gatherings—all that sunshine, fresh air, and greenery make the perfect backdrop for any party! When planning for an outdoor venue, you don't have to worry as much about decor and atmosphere, as the setting itself provides most of that on its own. All I needed to orchestrate was the food & drink, entertainment, and ambiance.

The Tablescape

The vision for this baby shower was fresh springtime. This meant leaning into the natural colors of the season: white linens, blonde woods, and plenty of pops of bright citrus throughout. We took advantage of my fruiting orange trees for a touch of organic and natural decor to complement the table, and incorporated parasols as both functional shade and an aesthetic design moment!

Little Salt

No baby shower would be complete without some of our signature Little Salt favorites! Festooned with delicate greens and florals, our Leo bassinet made for the perfect gift table.

Food & Drink

Our approach to hosting and party planning is to keep things simple. Offering small bites, like charcuterie and petit fours, allows guests to mingle and nibble and ensures you won't be stuck in the kitchen cooking or serving.

Drinks are always a necessity, and for a baby shower, we place great importance on offering fun and celebratory dry options like flavored San Pellegrino, lemonades, and even mocktails!

Sip & See

We are so grateful to have a team that feels like family, and we love watching their own families grow and fill with love. Taking a day to celebrate them and their new babies is such a joy, and we are beyond happy to have been able to shower them with all our love and best wishes for this new journey into parenthood. Congrats again to Christopher, Kelsea, and their families!

March 19, 2022 — Leigh Lincoln

By Design // West LA Project Reveal


West LA

Taking a house with beautiful bones and turning it into a dream home for this family of five was a natural exercise for us and our design team—we just dug into the Southern California roots of this LA based property and churned out a breezy, beachy yet classic abode for this family to live, grow, and call home.


The kitchen is the hub of the home, so we needed to create a cozy yet functional space where this family can gather to share meals and conversation. The woven barstools bring in a touch of warmth and texture to this otherwise crisp white kitchen, and the brass pendants bring a modern yet aged look to the space. Additionally, all the light of this home seems to coalesce in the kitchen. With a bay window over the sink and a mix of white and glass-front cabinetry, this space practically refracts and reflects light to create an airy look that makes the kitchen feel more like a charming sunroom than a meal prep station. And with a few vintage touches, like the runner and some decor, we were able to mix a bit of the old world with a touch of the new for a classic and fresh design.


With both a formal dining room and a more casual breakfast nook off the great room, this home as ample options to entertain and gather. In both spaces we opted for light woods white upholstery to keep up with the airy classic look throughout the home, and chose statement pendant lighting to anchor the tables and bring a sense of dramatic elegance to the seating arrangements.

We wanted the family to utilize the formal dining room just as much as the casual eat-in dining space, so we designed it to be approachable and inviting with soft seating and layered styling. This space feels easy and fuss-free, perfectly reflecting our ethos that beautiful living can happen everyday.

Living Room

Much like the rest of the home, the living room is an exercise in causal elegance. The open concept allows the light and energy to flow back and forth form the kitchen, creating a relaxed and airy feel that is inviting and comfortable. We layered up our go-to soft furnishings (custom upholstery and stacked rugs) and brought in some unique pieces that reflect this family's fun personality and sensibility, like the rounded woven armchairs and the shelf styling accents.

Powder Room

This charming powder room is all kinds of vintage traditional meets modern coastal. The crisp white woodwork in the wainscoting, the abstract yet toile-inspired wallpaper, and exposed piping pedestal sink all lend a vintage nod to this bathroom while still feeling fresh and breezy.

Primary Suite

The primary suite is the epitome of relaxation and elegance; the four-poster canopy bed accentuated the height of the ceilings, calling attention to the bright and Breezy ambiance, and the ensuite echos those themes with its neutral palette and earthy materials.

Directly off the bedroom you'll find an attached office for a quiet and calming workspace. This zen den is the perfect place for mom and dad to find their workflow away from distraction—we appreciate having the space to keep work and personal life separate, and this layout allows this couple to stay up to date with business, while the bedroom remains a sanctuary for relaxation and recharge.

Kids' Rooms

Since the three children in this home are old enough to have their own developing tastes and styles, it was important for us to include them in the design process so each of the kids’ rooms would reflect their personalities and interests for inspired spaces to rest and recharge. The girl's room is soft yet a bit edgy, with a neutral and blush with music-inspired accents. While the boy's room is verging on masculine with lots of cool tones and strong lines. What we love most about these spaces is that the classic foundation we laid (through furniture and design) will continue to age with the kids as they grow into young adults.

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March 01, 2022 —

Product Highlight // Certified Original

Unique, One-Of-A-Kind, Pure Salt

Certified Original

We've said it before and we'll say it again: vintage furnishing and styling finds have our hearts! You know, when we first met as college roomies, we were true junkers—as broke college students with a passion for decorating, we had to get thrifty with sourcing new pieces for our dorm room. So we frequented antique shops, swap meets, even yard sales for some cool stuff chock full of personality. As we've grown up and grown a business, our methods may have changed a bit (we now get to go to market and meet with incredible specialized vintage vendors!!), but we still appreciate a bit of history in our homes.

Thus, our first collection of the new year couldn't be anything other than a new drop for our Certified Original collection! Full of true vintage treasures, one-of-a-kind gems, and genuine and original goodies, this collection is the definition of uniquely Pure Salt! From furniture to decor and textiles, check out our standout favorites fro our Certified Original collection below!

Crowd Favorties

When we launched our first Certified Original collection we were to excited to bring some incredible vintage and reclaimed pieces to the Shoppe—and you all were too! Some of our best sellers from the entire year were Certified Original pieces, like our Vallon console here! And we are happy to report that more of your favorite furniture pieces have returned with this new drop!

New Arrivals

For this next launch, we've created a new line of vintage pillows to bring some personality to your sofa! All of our new pillows are double sided, since we love the look of vintage textiles paired with classic linens. Everything from deadstock fabrics, to antique kilim and hemp, all with unique stitching and hand-made to preserve the quality of the fabric, this collection is a dream come true!

Round Top Treasures

Last fall we were able to take another trip to our favorite place: Round Top Texas! There we got to get back to our junking roots and source some incredible one-of-a-kind vintage finds! Everything from unique furniture pieces for the Shoppe to some stunning large antique for the upcoming redesign of our store! Check out some of our favorites here.

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January 20, 2022 —

By Design // Gift Wrapping

The Pure Salt Approach To

Holiday Gift Wrap

Months ago, way before the holiday season was upon us, we were vintage hunting for new pieces for the Shoppe and came across some beautiful sentimental trinkets, including a collection of postcards written from a young man to his grandmother. He wished her a merry Christmas and talked of their next visit in the New Year, and even though we had never met this family and had no connection to their story, we felt so touched by the simple letters.

We loved the aged look of these vintage postcards, their charm, and the sense of nostalgia they invoked in us, that we were instantly inspired for our gift wrap approach this holiday season! If you couldn't already tell, we LOVE gift wrapping and like to think that the wrapping is almost as important and the gift itself—the presentation means you took a little extra time and care to create something beautiful for someone you love. For us, it doesn't need to be flashy, instead simplicity is key with a perfect marriage of classic and relaxed touches (think craft paper, wax seals, jute twine) for a result that is a gift for the eyes!

Step 1

Start with a neutral base. Think natural materials and colors, like craft paper or a creamy scrap linen or drop cloth! We also love the idea of reusing materials throughout the years and love that a fabric gift wrap will last season to season for a worn and well-loved look.

Step 2

Instead of flashy gift tags, we love a classic wax seal to attach unique cards. You can personalize your stamp with the initials of your kids to differentiate the presents under the tree, or customize with your family name for a thoughtful touch when wrapping a hostess gift!

For the cards, we love more vintage postcards, aged sheet music, or hand written notes—anything that feels unique or personal and elevates the gift to be an experience in itself!

Step 3

No Pure Salt present is complete without some greens. Add a festive sprig for a pretty finishing touch and a bit of texture under the tree. Our favorite: juniper stems! The evergreen needles are a classic that perfectly complement trees of all types and tones.

Step 4

Finally, add a raw-edge linen ribbon for some classic flair—we love to use neutral plaids to feel extra festive—and tie in a simple bow! If you're feeling ambitious, layer a few ribbons of varied thickness for a textured looks full of festive depth.

Gifts We Love!

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December 14, 2021 —

By Design // Entertaining Tips


Entertaining Tips

Who's ready for Thanksgiving next week?! We are ready for some quality family time and (quantity food time) but are feeling the stress of hosting, especially after last year's quieter affairs, so we thought we'd gather our tried and true tips for entertaining this season and share for anyone who needs a little boost! Read on to see how we create a Pure Salt inspired evening without running ourselves into the ground.

Put on Some Music

The tunes will set the mood, so pick something to enhance the vibe and turn it on while you prep so you’re in the entertaining spirit by the time guests arrive! For our current season, nothing beats classical jazz or some singers and standards, and if you're in need of a festive playlist, check out our Pure Salt Holiday Playlist on Spotify!

Light All the Candles

Mood lighting is key, and nothing is moodier than flickering candles! We love that a relatively inexpensive touch can make all the difference, so add them to your table, your mantle, and everywhere else for soft light and a bit of festive scent. Another option for ambiance is a dimmer switch or twinkle lights as an alternative to bright overhead lighting. 

Prep Beforehand

Speaking of prep, do as much as you can the night before—make simple eats and keep in the fridge, set the table with all your dishware and styling, clean all your areas—that way you’ll have minimal time away from your guests and can enjoy their company! 

Use What You Have

It’s stressful enough hosting and taking care of your guests, keep things simple and use what you have and just elevate it with special touches. Example: use your serving plates, but decorate your table with tons of candles!

Easy Entertaining

For gatherings large and small, we love a charcuterie board! It’s an easy and elegant way to feed your guests. Whether you make a small plate or a large grazing tray, charcuterie boards are fun to make and beautiful to present.

Our Method: It’s trendy lately to lean into excess when creating a charcuterie board—rivers of salami, 5+ cheeses, all the fruits—but much like our design philosophy, we think less is more! 

We like to approach our charcuterie boards with intention, creating delicious pairings and playing with color and texture for a board that looks as good as it tastes. 

So think in twos: a soft and a hard cheese, a salami and a prosciutto, a cracker and a toast, and as a little extra, a dried fruit and a nut! Add a bowl of pepper jelly or fig jam and you’ve got all your bases covered for a charcuterie board that is sure to please and doesn’t overwhelm the palette or the eye! 

Charcuterie Essentials

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November 16, 2021 —

Talk Shoppe // Pure Salt x Tirzah

Give a gift with our

Pure Salt x Tirzah Collection

The holidays are the time of year where we start feeling extra nostalgic and reminisce in overdrive—2021 has had its challenges, but it also brought us some incredible growth and lots to be thankful for! With our Holiday Collection available on the Shoppe, all the creating we've committed to this year has been put into perspective, so join us for a little walk down memory lane and celebrate all this year has sown with us!

In early spring, we were honored to host and speak at a local women in business event curated by The Influence Collective. We were asked to speak on our experience as two best friends, turned moms, turned entrepreneurs and business partners, and share in our belief on the power of sisterhood in business and in life. It was at that event that we were introduced to the amazing, wonderful, compassionate, and all around lovely Kirsten Dickerson, current president of Tirzah International, and the rest is, as they say, history!

Meet Tirzah International

After meeting Kirsten and hearing her speak about the work she does through Tirzah, we immediately knew we needed to be involved. We know first-hand how integral women are to their families, their communities, and the incomparable strength that defines women, so we started our partnership with Tirzah to support and elevate women around the world in their growth and empowerment through our own talents and passions. When women rise, the world rises with them and Tirzah tirelessly works on behalf of women’s global fight for equality and justice. For the past four decades, Tirzah has been building a network of female leaders to create opportunities for women to discover their God-given potential through three core initiatives: micro-enterprise, leadership development, and local sustainability. By tapping into the inherent sisterhood women share, Tirzah and their partners serve women impacted by injustices such as poverty, HIV/AIDS, trafficking, and violence and help them grow into roles of leadership and empowerment.

Tirzah works directly with local leaders to connect with women across the globe facilitating their businesses, empowering them for leadership opportunities, and emphasizing and funding sustainable solutions for them and their families. And we are so proud to be part of this network by directly supporting women and their businesses, creating beautiful products for our clients and customers with incredible talented female artisans around the world!

This Holiday Season

With so much beauty and cheer around us during the holidays, it's important for us to center and celebrate the true meaning of the season: giving and spreading love. A large part of our Holiday Collection is made in direct partnership with the micro-businesses Tirzah supports. These women have dedicated their incredible talent and time to create some truly beautiful pieces that have tremendous heart. We love that each hand-made piece comes with a unique story imbued within it, and directly supports the women and their families behind the craftsmanship. Plus, with each purchase of a Pure Salt x Tirzah product, 20% off proceeds go straight to the organization to further economic opportunities for women and girls all around the world. We love a gift that keeps on giving!

Our Vision for the Future

Change happens when we come together. To broaden the reach of Tirzah and to further connect ourselves to this organization and the women supported, we will be traveling with Kirsten and the Tirzah team to meet the women creators to collaborate on product development at the local level. First up, a trip to Kenya in the new year, followed by potential trips to Ethiopia in September and India in November. We are so eager to meet with the women working through Tirzah, their families, and their communities—to hear their stories, share their joys, and scour the world for incredible artisans who are beautifully hand-crafting pieces! From Kenya to California, we really are not so disconnected as it seems. Human kindness and global sisterhood are the ties that bind.

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November 12, 2021 —

Product Highlight // 2021 Holiday Collection

Reconnect This Season With Our

Holiday Collection

Tis the season! Our 2021 Holiday Collection is here! This year it's all about reconnecting with the people and things that make us feel most at home, and this collection brings together all the coziness of the holidays with the spirit of giving and spreading joy. We gathered all the things that are meaningful to our families this season—festive greens, comfy and beautiful pillows and throws, all the must-haves for entertaining, and holiday staples like one-of-a-kind stockings and tree collars to spark new holiday memories.

But the best part of this year's collection is our partnership with Tirzah International. Together we have been able to work directly with women artisans around the world, supporting their micro-businesses and craftsmanship, to create a collection of truly unique pieces. And we love that with every purchase of the Pure Salt x Tirzah International collection, direct support is given to women entrepreneurs across the globe. We feel so proud to bring this collection to you, and hope you feel connected to your loved ones, your home, and women all over the world through the holiday spirit all season long.

Reconnect With Family & Friends

Trim the tree, hang the stockings, and cozy up by the fire with the people you love most. We are slowing down and relishing all the memory making this year. This season we are both settling in at our new homes in our new neighborhood, the kids are growing up quicker than we care to admit—we are loving where we are right here and now—so the holidays for us are a time to treasure each other's company and love on everyone around us.

We created key pieces for this Holiday Collection that will enhance all the cozy moments with your loved ones, becoming holiday classics year in and year out, starring in every new memory from onwards!

Reconnect With Your Home

The holidays are a time to have your home dripping with festive greens. All year long we live the day-to-day in our homes, the hub of our world, where we sleep and play and spend time as a family in special and mundane ways. It's nice to have an occasion to lay a little extra love on our spaces and make them look as special as they feel.

We always believe greens deserve a place in our designs, and for the holidays we love that they get to star front and center! For this collection we gathered everything from garlands, to seasonal stems, to hand-made wreaths to adorn your banisters, mantle, entryways, tablescapes, and any where else your heart desires!

Reconnect With The Season

With so much beauty and cheer around us during the holidays, it's important for us to center and celebrate the true meaning of the season: giving and spreading love. We are so lucky to have a business that connects us with incredible women, artists, and philanthropists. Our relationship with the team at Tirzah International has blossomed into true friendship and shared mission to amplify and empower marginalized women, mothers, and female makers and leaders around the world.

Part of our Holiday Collection is made in direct partnership with the micro-businesses Tirzah supports. These women have dedicated their incredible talent and time to create some truly beautiful pieces that have tremendous heart. We love that each hand-made piece comes with a unique story inbued within it, and directly supports the women and their families behind the craftsmanship. Plus, with each purchase of a Pure Salt x Tirzah International product, 20% off proceeds go straight to the organization to further economic opportunities for women and girls all around the world. We love a gift that keeps on giving!

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Holiday Collection Now!

November 03, 2021 —

By Design // South Bay Project Reveal


South Bay

with Katrina Scott

Ready to hear about our dream project?! Back in December 2020 we were approached by Katrina Scott to partner on an incredible project: her family home in Manhattan Beach, CA. She had fallen in love with the beachy look and feel of Uniqwa Collections’ statement rattan lighting and outdoor living pieces, and as the exclusive US stockist for Uniqwa Collections, Katrina asked us to design her home around that iconic look and her family's beachy lifestyle!

Fast forward almost a year later and we are finally ready to reveal this beauty! This was such a fun project for us, Katrina is the sweetest—I, Aly, was actually her wedding florist years ago, so it was great to reconnect and work together in this new phase of life as, essentially, new people—and her home is truly gorgeous. It had all the bones of a relaxed, beachy retreat, and we were able to help bring her vision of the ultimate luxe beach house to life! Read on to see our newest project, South Bay, in all its glory!


Beach please! This kitchen looks and feels like a beach house dream come true! We are forever fans of all the stunning Uniqwa lighting and their Mila Pendants definitely steal the show in this sleek white space. Katrina wanted a look that felt comfy and livable while also being totally gorgeous, and she loved the natural elements and beachy vibe of the woven pendants as much as we do, so it was an easy decision to place them above the large island. We think they really ground the look with their texture and oversized frame, and are such a complement to the Malawi Tub Barstools lined up beneath.


The goal for this home was to represent Katrina and her family and their love of the beach and their fun-loving lifestyle, and the dining room was no exception. We needed to create a space that was functional for the everyday, but still felt elevated as a distinct dining room. We started with statement pieces, like our Gable Cabinet as a credenza for dishware and display area for plenty of personal touches to make the house feel like a home. You’ll also see lots of woods and rattan for texture and warmth, and coastal touches like surfboards, pennant flags, and Katrina’s SI swimsuit framed and on display.

Living Room

With large windows that open up to the balcony and the beach beyond, the living room is flooded with the most gorgeous natural light! This is the hub of the home, where Katrina and her daughter can play and the family can lounge, so we needed it to be cozy and relaxed. And since the whole floor is open concept, the space natural lends itself to entertaining and family gathering, we just needed to enhance that feeling with lots of textiles for cozy spaces, both indoors and out.


There are so many beautiful spaces in this home, but the balcony takes the cake! Since outdoor living is so important to Katrina and her family, it was a must to create a cozy and inviting place for them to entertain and enjoy all that beach living in beautiful Manhattan Beach, CA has to offer! The Hamali Block Dining Table and Songwhe Dining Chairs are the perfect mix of weighty and airy, and the seating area with Himba Outdoor Sofa and chair is ultra comfy and chic. All the wood tones and textures mix so well together and really pop against the beachfront backdrop of Katrina’s neighborhood.

Is it cheesy to say every project is a dream project? That being said, Katrina Scott’s home really ticked all our boxes when it comes to the perfect project: a beautiful location, the freedom to design to our limits, and the most wonderful family who really gets us. It was beyond a pleasure to work with Katrina and the final designs are some of our best that we are incredibly proud of. We are so grateful to have been a part of a project that involved so many wonderful and kindhearted people. It is such a pleasure to design for families, making their homes functional and beautiful and unique to them—Katrina and her family are the best type of clients with their generosity and positivity. And we are so happy we are able to work with the Uniqwa Collections team to bring this project to life! Being the exclusive US stockist is truly an honor and so creatively inspiring, this project is such a great example of our mission to make an already beautiful house a beautiful home.

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October 19, 2021 —