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Vintage Rugs

We are rolling out the red carpet for our new collection of vintage rugs! Part of our Certified Original Pure Salt Collection, these vintage rugs are all so one-of-a-kind with their unique weaves, coloring, and patterns we love using them in our projects because they bring such a sense of history and wonder to a space, warming it with it's own well-loved story.

We hope to inspire a love for these vintage beauties in your home, so we thought it important to answer all your burning questions and show off our favorite features of this collection! Read on to learn everything you need to know about our vintage rugs and then shop them all to find you new favorite thing!


Out of all the special qualities of a vintage rug, our favorite has got to be that each one is totally unique and one-of-a-kind. We love the idea of finding unique treasures and layer them into your home for a curated and designed space. And we especially enjoy the rich history of each piece—you can feel the well-loved fibers and see the subtle wear from years of use and care—what a conversation piece!


All the rugs in our Certified Original collection are genuine antiques from as far as Turkey, India, Pakistan, and other countries that value and honor weaving and rug making. We work with experts to find and restore these vintage pieces, taking our time to make sure each one has new life breathed into it so it will last for many more decades to come.

Size and Price

This collection offers a range of sizes and patterns, so there are plenty of options to choose from for the perfect fit for your home! With large-scale pieces measuring between 8-10' x 9-13', to runners for hallways and entries, to smaller kilim mats and area rugs, we love having such a variety of unique pieces to offer. And with such a large selection, the price rang for these vintage pieces also spans from affordable to investment.

Cleaning and Care

Because these rugs can be delicate and restored, we recommend a gentle cleaning routine:

  • Vacuum 1x/week, avoiding the fringe along the edge (if any)
  • Spot treatment with warm water and mild detergent (avoiding bleach) as needed

If you experience a more serious stain (i.e. wine or pet urine) we always recommend taking your rug to a professional cleaner as soon as possible before the stain sets.

Unique Markings, Colors, and Stitching

Since we love vintage rugs so much, all the pieces in this collection were hand-sourced by us and chosen for their special and unique qualities and differences—that's what make them so sought after and one-of-a-kind for our projects and your home! Notice that they all feature distinct characteristics forged by the passage of time and many years of use, and your rug may differ from end to end with changes in the weft and weave. We also love the slight pattern variation and tonal differences due to the hand-dying and weaving process, fading, and wear all of which is inherent in vintage pieces.

Mackenzie Kilim Rugs

Vintage kilim is one of our favorite textiles to work with (we use it to upholster our ottomans, benches, headboards, you name it!) so we are so excited to offer a truly unique collection of kilim rugs! With the help of our vintage rug and textile experts, we have compiled an assortment of vintage kilim that varies in size, stitching, weave, color, and other markings. We love that each one is so unique and special, and while there is no guarantee in the exact look of the Mackenzie you purchase, we think the element of surprise is quite exciting and special—and the fact that these hand-selected rugs are all equally beautiful means there is no way to go wrong! Check out a selection of Mackenzies available, then shop for a surprise!

July 22, 2021 —

By Design // Design FAQ


Everything You Need to Know

Every day we receive dozen of questions all asking about our go-to materials and specs for projects big and small. Since we can't design each of your homes ourselves, we thought it best to round up all of our frequently asked questions in one spot as the ultimate resource for your next home reno project!

Everything from flooring, to paint color, finishes, installation recommendations, and more, we've got the answers, so read on to find out!


While all our projects vary slightly in color or material, the flooring options we choose from always fall within these design parameters: it is a light, natural stain in a wide plank.

Whether you go real hardwood or LVP is up to you and your climate and lifestyle, we will say that LVP has come a long way and does look and feel as real as wood with the added durability and lower cost.

If you want to get a look identical to your favorite Pure Salt project, we love shopping through Provenza and Warren Christopher for our designs!


It may be common knowledge that we are die-hard fans of an all white look, but do you know the deets? We have two go-tos: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore (Leigh's favorite), for a crisp look, and Simply White (also by Benjamin Moore and Aly's pick) for a softer finish.

No matter the color, we recommend sticking with the most matte finish your space will allow or a clean and modern look. One of the reasons we love Benjamin Moore paint is that the quality is superior so it works as a performance paint—we can go for a matte finish in bathrooms and kitchens with the security that it won't deteriorate from day-to-day living.

Design tip: paint your trim and ceilings the same color white as your walls! This helps your space look visually brighter and bigger, and cuts down the decision making process, which we always appreciate in a project!

Simply White

Chantilly Lace

Kitchen Islands

If you're wondering how large we recommend making a kitchen island. the answer is there is no answer. The size all depends on the size of your kitchen and your needs for function. We work with the idea that you should keep about 3 feet of walking room around the island between wall side cabinets, to allow for easy movement and ability to use the space.

Once you determine how much space you need around your island, you can deduce the size of your island itself. If you want to include counter seating, we love an overhang of 15 inches for comfy seating for meals and work (make sure you include this measurement when calculating the size of your island).


We are always of the mindset that lighting sets the mood, and opting for pieces that complement your recessed lights helps cozy up and add some personality to a space. For pendants and chandeliers above islands or dining tables, start with at least 36 inches between the surface and the bottom of your light (Depending on the size and scale of your pendant you may need to raise or lower from that starting point.)

So many lighting options!

July 12, 2021 —

Design Tip // Nightstands



We love nightstands that offer both drawer and shelf storage. It allows us to display books or decorative boxes for styling purposes, while still hiding away all the bedtime necessities within arm’s reach!

Opting for a small-scale pendant light frees up so much table space allowing us to place fresh bouquets, books, or other decorative pieces!

Because most nightstands boil down to simple storage solutions, we like playing with size, color, and functionality to keep things looking fresh. We love this style with two separated drawers—all the storage with an airy feel!

Our Fave Nightstands


Giving all our praise to nightstands, like our Tully here, that have enclosed storage! This is the perfect solution to keep everything tucked away with beautifully textured doors. Plus, its size allows you to keep all the necessities off the table top, so that you can style to your heart’s content.

At the end of the day, simplicity is key. We love clean lines and a natural finish to keep bedside tables feeling light rather than heavy, and minimal styling keeps things from feeling cluttered!

Other Bedside Essentials

June 28, 2021 —

Design Tip // Open Bar


Open Bar

Having a bar in your home should be a reflection of you and the type of entertaining you like to host! Whether you love cocktails, wine, or prefer to keep a dry house, we think a bar can be the perfect hub for fun sips and design tips! 

We've Designed our fair share of in-house bars—everything from built-in wet bars, to designated kitchen corners with shelving for glassware, to simple wine setups. Through it all, we've learned and collected our must-know tips for creating. bar for many happy hours to come!

Opt for the Wine Fridge

Having a dedicated wine fridge is a great way to compartmentalize your kitchen and create a zone for mixing drinks. We love integrating a fridge with the surrounding cabinets, or making it the focal point of the space. 

Utilize Open Shelving

Open shelving is the perfect way to display your gorgeous glassware and beautiful bottles. Styling shelves with bar decor is not only a way to showcase your glass pieces, but allows for easy access when mixing cocktails!

Don't forget to accessorize!

Have Fun With Tile

A wet bar is a prime opportunity to get playful with your backsplash! The small surface area means you can experiment with color, pattern, or texture, turning your bar from household utility to design statement 

Bring Back the Liquor Cabinet

While bar carts and wet bars have their perks, there’s no replacing the granddaddy of alcohol storage: the liquor cabinet. We love updating this classic with statement doors and curated displays.

Our Go-To Cocktail Recipe

Opal Planter

June 14, 2021 —

Turtle Rock


Turtle Rock

Our latest project took us to Irvine, CA to redesign the home of a family of five. Everything from an entryway to the master suite, no room was too small or a design wish too big in our effort to transform the space into a beautiful and comfortable home.

This family’s main desire was to maximize the existing footprint of their house to amplify their love for entertaining and relaxation. An open living concept from the kitchen to the family room was an ideal floor plan to attain both of these goals.


The family room was long and narrow, so we needed to maximize the space to make sure it could seat all five-plus friends & family. An L-shape sectional provides ample seating, and our favorite Addie and Miller pillows add soft pops of color. A one-of-a-kind ottoman acts as a kid-friendly alternative to a traditional coffee table and our Harper rug complements provides a neutral foundation to ground the space.

To frame the media center, we designed built-ins with open shelving, mimicking the ones in the kitchen across the floorplan. This gave symmetry to the room as a whole and balanced out the practical cupboard and drawers of the under-cabinets. For shelf styling, adding faux greenery was a great way to bring life into out-of-reach spaces without worrying about the upkeep. We love our fern drop-ins placed inside two-toned ceramic bowls.


A seamless transition from the family room to the kitchen allows for this cozy dine-in kitchen banquette. Our client loved Pure Salt’s simple, clean, relaxed aesthetic but wanted to play with subdued colors to make it their own. This muted navy (Normandy by Benjamin Moore) begins in the kitchen and is echoed throughout the home.

The painted cabinetry continues as a bench seat, offering plenty of storage below and featuring an abundance of plush pillows. We love the subtle color variation of the abaca webbing in the Lolesa pendant! Its neutral tones play off of the light woods and creamy textures in this space (hello Layla dining chairs!), and its light envelopes the entire table, making this a family hub for dining, homework, or game night.

The relaxed and open casual living spaces at the back of the house are perfect for this family to live day in and day out. They also make for great entertaining! But this family is lucky enough to also have a few other living areas to spread into. While we would shy away from labeling these as formal spaces, the elevated styling of the dining and living rooms feel tailor-made for bigger gatherings and occasions.

The large table in the dining room comfortably seats six of our rattan and mahogany Percy dining chairs but is big enough to add seats for more dinner guests. Did you notice the chandelier? Beaded with wood and coco, the Quinn chandelier inverts the shape of the banquette pendant, tying the two dining spaces together with a similarly styled overhead pendant.

Living Room

The living room was an opportunity to design an elevated area that was full of texture and various natural materials—wood accents, woven seagrass, and jute textiles all add warmth and dimension to this room, making it feel sophisticated while still exuding an easy and simple aesthetic.

With a versatile seating arrangement, featuring a classic couch, show-stopping accent chairs, and modular ottomans, this family has space to gather for occasions, whether grand or every day.

Girls' Room

Like the main floor, upstairs was designed down to every last detail. Behind the door of the shared little girls’ room is nothing short of pure whimsy and sweetness. The girls really wanted to make this space their own, and wanted us to design something fun and playful!

We worked to find elements that would create a magical feeling for the girls, and came to the conclusion that there is nothing more magical than waking up to a rainbow every morning! We love this wallpaper by Anewall—it feels like an art installation, and the muted (rather than saturated) colors keep the overall feeling light and airy to suit the essence of the entire home.

Master Suite

In a complete shift from the kids’ half of the second floor, the master bedroom is the epitome of sophisticated leisure. We played with furniture options that would draw your eyes up to the stunning high ceiling. The bed of choice is this Siren 4-poster bed frame made of reclaimed douglas fir. To soften up the strong lines of this striking bed frame, we selected plush and cozy bedding.

Off the master bedroom is the ensuite. A window behind the bathtub offers so much natural light, which the three large vanity mirrors reflect around the space. With so much glimmering marble and glossy tile, the banana-leaf weave of the Mella pendant light mixes in a pop of our go-to natural texture.

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May 23, 2021 —




Our latest reveal, Hilltop Project, was a breezy transformation for this family of four. We love when clients know exactly what they want, and in this case, this family brought us in for our signature relaxed aesthetic and vision for space.The goals were a great room and master suite make-over that emphasized cozy living with vintage details.

Great Room

Focusing on the main floor, we designed a great room and kitchen/dining area to allow for lots of comfy family living. The highlight of this project was designed around the family’s love for pianos. They had recently purchased an upright to place in their great room and hoped we could integrate the size and scale into our plans for the space. It became the focal point for the room, directing us on where to place seating and inspiring a gallery wall surrounding the instrument to create a statement that felt reminiscent of a salon-style exhibition, but with our relaxed palette to bring it into the contemporary moment.

This family has a love for vintage-inspired design, and was on board with us adding custom woodwork throughout their home.We paneled walls in the great room with board and batten evocative of both victorian-era architectural details as well as the modest carpentry of country homes.The result is a casual vintage effect.We love the dimension and texture paneling brings to a space, and keeping within our neutral color scheme, the treatment feels light and airy rather than heavy or closed-in.


The eat-in dining table was a great addition, filling out the kitchen and creating a cozy gathering area for this family of four. We knew we wanted a one-sided bench seating arrangement, but it took a few iterations of the design to find a silhouette that suited the space. We settled on a low-profile seat that did not obstruct the view and let in tons of light from the large windows.

The kitchen had a long bank of cabinets on the back wall, so we made sure there was a large island to provide more counter space and create a casual place for the family to gather. For that island, the family knew they wanted leather stools, so we sourced a tone that suited the neutral palette and wood accents in the space.

Master Suite

With the main floor acting as a cozy family area, the master suite was given the task of becoming a beautiful private retreat. More paneled walls added subtle detail and standout furnishings were used to create plenty of places to rest and relax. The real showstopper was the floor-to-ceiling windows that let in massive amounts of natural light and open the room into a bright and airy getaway.

Hilltop Project was such a pleasure to partner on and a fun challenge to flex our vintage-inspired muscles! This home goes to show that you do not need a large house to create a thoughtfully designed and inviting space. All you really need are unique details, a fresh palette, and a loving family to fill all the corners with music, memories, and countless cherished moments.

The attached bath was equally transformed. With a shiplap vanity that feels breezy and serene, our clients are able to enjoy every space in their beautiful private retreat.

May 23, 2021 —

By Design // Costal Canyon Project Reveal


Coastal Canyon

Every project reveal is an exciting treat for us to share, but Coastal Canyon is a special one. It’s home to Anthony Rendon, third baseman for the LA Angels, and his young family. We’re Orange County natives and huge Angels fans, so this project was an exciting experience for us!

The Rendon’s had recently moved to the area and wanted someone to inject a lot of personality into their home and give it a bit of California flair. They loved our contemporary coastal aesthetic, and we were eager to marry our designs with their personal tastes.


This home had beautiful bones with a floor plan built around indoor/outdoor living, but since this house was one of several developer’s builds on the street, it was an empty canvas that needed a large injection of personality. We always love navigating the challenge of designing a home for a family’s unique tastes and needs with our contemporary coastal influence, and we were thrilled to create a space suitable for this young family to grow into and love for years to come.

We were sure to take advantage of the incredible grounds this property has to offer. With gorgeous canyon views and a dynamic layout that transitions seamlessly from the outdoors to the indoors, we created zones that would allow the family to sprawl into the backyard and courtyard, providing plenty of opportunities to entertain or just relax!

With fun furnishings and seating arrangements, we love how magical each outdoor space feels—perfect for everyday lounging and lots of entertaining!


Since the grounds of this home are a stunning mix of relaxed living and beyond-belief scenery, we needed an equally impactful entry to the home. We landed on a sophisticated exterior color that creates a bit of drama while still feeling neutral and fresh. Styling with another of our daybeds and plenty of greens, it feels like a seamless transition from the outdoors in!

Upon entering the home, you are greeted with a simple entry table and a hallway that leads to the great room. This space needed to be simple and practical to maximize the space, but also beautiful to set the tone for the rest of the home. We opted for a functional table to drop keys or mail and a must-have mirror for light refraction and last minute primping. To add some visual interest and provide a bit more functionality, we added these fun Fritze ottomans, which double as a seat to help put on shoes and as a striking visual element for the space.

Great Room

Our favorite space in this home is the great room. Soaring ceilings and lots of breezy vibes make this space the hub of the home. The plush sectional and upholstered ottoman fill the space and, along with the rugs, provide soft contrasts to the stunning mantel and surrounding shelving.

In the infancy of this project, the family expressed they wanted a place that was cozy and filled with California flair. We played up neutrals throughout the home to bring warmth and create a sense of casual sophistication with our signature relaxed and clean aesthetic. And were sure to bring in a lot of greenery to make a seamless transition from the outside in!

Because this house is so large, we needed to add some architectural details, like arches and stucco in the great room, to fill out the walls and make the space feel homey. We kept the original flooring but softened it up with rugs and large furnishings. The massive couch maximizes room for entertaining, and the upholstered ottoman not only fills out the space, but is a great piece to have around the young kids with its soft edges and durable surfaces.


Coming off from the great room, the kitchen and dining area is equally open and large scale with its oversized island tall ceilings. To accentuate the features and add a unique flair, we brought in plaster like the arches in the great room and treated the range hood to become a focal point and tie the two rooms together.

We continued the neutral palette into this space, but added the dark elements of the island cabinets and kitchen countertops to bring contrast and balance to the area.

Powder Room

We wanted to make a bold statement in this smaller space, so we opted for a rich and earthy color palette with a variety of textures. The olive zellige is tiled up to the ceiling for a feature wall that demands attention. The moss colors are echoed in the leaf art opposite the mirror for a lush look that complements the dark woody cabinets.


A room off the entry was originally an office, but we were able to repurpose it as a fun playroom for the kids! The family loves having everyone together on the main floor, so we made sure to integrate a space that was functional and cute.

Adding an arch to the doorway to match the others throughout the house and a built-in bench gave the room interesting structural detail. A bunch of playful pillows and artwork makes this nook super kid-friendly and fun!

Guest Bedroom

Because the Rendons split their time between California and Texas in the off season, they needed a space to have family and friends stay when visiting. We wanted to create a guest suite that felt like a vacation itself, with coastal influences and lots of luxe elements like plush pillows and a dreamy bed. This guest retreat is the perfect spot for visitors to unwind and enjoy all that a California destination has to offer!

Master Suite

No matter the size of a house, we love to create a master bedroom that feels like a private retreat. We kept all the colors and materials neutral to ensure a calm and soothing atmosphere, but utilized a nook for both the Mr. and Mrs. to attend to meetings and conference calls—working from home isn’t so bad when you have a dedicated and personal space to do it!

The goal for this design was to create a seamless transition between the outdoors and the interior, we added lots of greenery to the master lounge. Every window you look out of is filled with foliage! Framing nature and cozying the exterior living spaces with soft furniture and plenty of creature comforts transform this space into a getaway destination.

And finally, perhaps the most relaxing spot in the entire home, the tub in the master bathroom is nothing short of perfection. Framed by a window with more incredible green views, this nook provided a design opportunity to create a spa-like retreat—with a deep soaking tub and mood lighting, it’s easy to bathe the day away in this oasis.

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May 23, 2021 —

Surf City


Surf City

This Huntington Beach project is home to a young family of four—it’s actually the childhood home of the client, so it was a very personal and momentous undertaking to tailor everything to his new and growing family’s needs! With two small babies and a big need for function, the ultimate design goal for this home was to maximize every inch of space and to create plenty of areas to entertain for this family-oriented couple.

We love this project for many reasons, but one of our favorites was the design dedication to outdoor living—we love taking advantage of all that California has to offer, and that means creating living areas that flow from the outdoors in.


The courtyard is the first thing you see when entering the home, so we knew it needed to make a big statement. With its bubbling water feature and breezy seating area, this space is perfect for relaxation and fun. We worked to incorporate this family’s Greek heritage with plenty of whites and blues, making a Mediterranean oasis immediately behind the front gate.

Possibly the most loved feature of this house is the addition of the California room. Quintessential SoCal outdoor living at its finest, this huge semi-enclosed outdoor living space includes a kitchen, lounge, and dining area. We love how the many fabulous outdoor spaces flow one into another—all the way from the front courtyard to this epic backyard.

Great Room

The great room is the perfect example of a space that maximizes its every inch. Featuring a cozy sectional with plenty of seating, and built-ins with tons of storage, this family room is perfect for gatherings large or small. Lots of neutrals and pops of blue work to create that relaxed Mediterranean vibe throughout the space, while keeping the overall tone comfy and casual.

We love adding a gallery wall to the main room of the house to show off a family’s personality and inject a personal touch that is stylish and artistic. And the finish of the white oak frames pairs well with the natural color palette.

With a seamless open floorplan from the great room, the kitchen is a fabulous space that openly flows from the front courtyard all the way to the backyard, making for easy gathering and spacious entertaining! Painting the island cabinets brought a bit of boldness to the space, and breaks up all the crisp whites while complementing the blue of the sofa across the room. Our Ava stools provide the perfect seat to pull up to the counter and allow for the whole family to spend time in the kitchen.

One of the family’s main goals was to create spaces that are functional for them to live in and use daily. Adding this sweet little dining nook was the perfect way to squeeze in a casual seating option for the whole family to gather around together.

Little Dude's Room

This nursery is the sweetest space. While it’s nothing short of adorable in its current design state, we love that the foundation of this room (masculine woodwork and rich textiles) is perfect to age with this little boy as he grows.

When we began this project, there were two small babies to design for (by the time we finished, one was learning to walk!) We love the bond we create when working with our clients, and appreciate our role in shaping their family’s home life.

Guest Baths

There are a couple of gorgeous guest bathrooms in this home and all are equally luxurious. One doubles as the kids’ bathroom, so we balanced elegant, clean white finishes with a fun wallpaper. The deep tub is perfect for the many bathtimes that will happen in this home.

The trend of fun bathroom wallpaper continues in the main floor powder room. We wanted to give this bath an injection of our coastal aesthetic, and this gradient wallpaper was the perfect treatment to make it look and feel like the surf is rolling in!

Master Suite

We wanted to make the master suite a space to retreat and relax—away from kids, work, and any distractions of life. The Master bedroom feels like an oasis with tons of cushy bedding and a subdued palette. It’s the perfect, soothing escape, complete with muted Mediterranean blues and ocean hues!

The ensuite bathroom was transformed into a spa, with a deep soaking tub and plenty of space to luxuriate. The honey tones of the wood cabinets add such warmth to the marble finishes and create such a calm and relaxing atmosphere to soak the day away.

We added a little nook by the window as a place to unwind from the day that’s separate from the bed. The two reclining armchairs allow for this couple to kick back and relax, maybe cozy up with a book, creating a calm and chic corner of the bedroom.

May 23, 2021 —

Get the Look - Surf City Great Room


Surf City


The Surf City Project great room is a feat of bright and breezy living. With a open flow from the family room to the dining nook to the kitchen that mimics the overall flow of the home from its courtyard to its California room, this home speaks to easy entertaining and relaxed living that just makes our hearts sing!

And we know you all have been loving this project too! From the paint colors, to the furniture, to the fabulous styling pieces, we’ve received hundreds of questions about this space! If you’re dying to get the look for yourself, read on to see all the goodies in the Surf City great room!

Open Shelving

A carefully curated shelf styled with our favorite shoppe pieces! It’s all about mixing materials and creating shapes—finding a balance between colors and layout. Here’s what you need:

A. Sylvie Pot with a faux fern

B. Sunset Wave print

C. Emily Seagrass Tray for some life for a pop of color for texture

Dining Nook

Whether you have a nook, a banquette, or a traditional table, a cozy dining area is all about creating a central place to gather. When designing dining, use…

A. Mella pendant

B. Surfer Stretch print

C. Gina Dining Chairs for ambiance and texture for a beachfront view for the whole family to gather around.

Kitchen Island

Designing an island is all about marrying function and style—kitchens are more than just the place we cook, they are the place we share our meals and our days. Our go-to pieces:

A. Ava stools (we love their backs for long sits at the island)

B. Sabrina vase for fronds and blooms

C. Benjamin Moore Manor Blue paint for the cabinets.

Wet Bar

Whether you have a built-in wet bar or something less permanent like a bar cart, leave neither neglected. Don’t forget:

A. Lennox mugs for a shiny touch

B. Mike vase, or other jars to present your bar accouterments

C. A fern drop-in for a bit of greenery and movement

Seating Arrangements

The ultimate goal in designing a layout for family room seating is to maximize comfort and coziness. It’s as easy as…

A. Layering pillows like our Greenley, Lilah, and Porter!

B. Always drape a Hermosa throw across the chaise

C. Start with a rug (like our Pippa!) as your solid foundation

May 23, 2021 —

A La // Besties & Business Partners

Meet Aly & Leigh


written by

Katelyn Oppegard

From Day One working at Pure Salt, it was ingrained that the business was founded by two best friends. Not just two business partners who happen to be friends, but true blue besties who started this endeavor together in the light of that friendship. As a casual observer of Aly and Leigh's relationship through hours of work, I saw what everyone who interacts with them sees: two women who know one another deeply, who are so in sync despite all the quirks of the day-to-day, who are equally committed to one another and have built something incredible together, and maybe the most important, two friends who know how to have fun. 

Like most employees, I realized I didn’t know too much about my boss’ lives. What got them here and how they remember all the moments in between. So I took an afternoon to sit down with each of them to interview one about the other. What I found was an uncanny look at what makes a best friend: someone who has been there through it all and who still shows up again and again. And what surprised me through my lines of questioning was how similar their responses were—sometimes down to the very word! (I asked them if they prepared in advance of our calls, and they both laughed and said no). They really are just that aligned with one another. I suppose that is something decades of deep friendship and care for another person does to you. Something anyone with a best friend can recognize in a split second. Something that reveals the heart of it all and the joy in knowing another in one fell swoop.

how did you meet?

Aly: It's all thanks to random roommate assignments at Cal Poly! We got our housing letters the summer before our first quarter. Lucky enough, we grew up living pretty close to one another, despite never having met. We both knew people who knew people, and were first officially introduced at a party thrown by mutual friends. Actually, it was less of an introduction, she came up behind me and bopped me on the head, and the next day we went shopping together and bought a mini fridge for our dorm room. We had an instant connection, but I never would have thought then that we’d find ourselves here at this point in our lives. We were just two 18 year old girls about to start college, just happy to have a friend to do it with. 

Leigh: We were roommates at Cal Poly. We went to different high schools, but I had friends in San Clemente where Aly lived, so I asked them if they new a girl named Aly “lodge” (it was Loge but I didn’t know it then!) and they did. In fact, they loved her and loved that we were going to be roomies. They threw us a party and I think I came up to her to introduce myself. I don't remember exactly what was said, but I do remember we got along like a house on fire. We both have this we can do anything, won't take "no" for an answer attitude, and we saw that in each other right away—we really had the best night! We spent the next day together shopping for a mini fridge and the rest is history.

favorite memory from back in the day?

Aly: Gosh, there are so many. You know, the first thing that popped into my head was us in junior year of college. We shared a room in a house with some friends—it was such a cool space, we had our own patio and bathroom, it really felt like our own little house. We decorated it with some funky DIY art projects and made it feel really cozy and fun, our first real design project. That room was special to us. I remember that’s where we planned our trip to Europe together. All our friends were going, and our parents told Leigh and I there was no way they were going to foot the bill, so if we wanted to go we had to figure it out ourselves. And we did. We found internships for the summer, sorted out visas, travelled Europe together all on our own. Everything that would have seemed impossible to do alone was such a given when we were together. That room that year was filled with this can-do energy. So indicative of us from the beginning. And I just remember sitting there together planning and dreaming. We were so excited to get out there and do something, we were just charging each other up, feeding off one another's energy, with no stopping it. 

Leigh: How am I supposed to pick!? There are countless good memories! What did Aly say?

*I mention their room junior year*

Oh yeah, we really did it all. A couple of stubborn kids, we wanted to go so we went. That’s the attitude I mean when I say we won’t take “no” for an answer. I remember when we were finally in Europe, we made it to Italy and there was this one song Aly was obsessed with. I can’t remember what is was, but she was so into it. It played a lot throughout our trip and in Florence we were outside enjoying the evening, maybe also enjoying a few drinks, and it started playing so she started dancing, trying to encourage everyone to dance with her. It’s so funny, I can still picture her dancing in the street, saying “come on guys” to every one around. That is so Aly. So much joy just spilling out. 

I'm also remembering the time right after I had Audrey. You know, Aly was the first person I called when I found out I was pregnant—it was a bit of a surprise, I had just gotten married six months before, and Aly was the first of all our friends to have kids. I was a bit in shock and she was the only person I could imagine talking to. She was there with me right through it all, and pregnant herself! When Audrey was born, Aly had just had Livy a few months earlier and was right about to move to Saudi Arabia with her tiny family, but she stayed behind to meet my baby. There’s this photo I have of Audrey and Livy living next to one another, and Livy just looks HUGE next to newborn Audrey. I laugh every time I see it. And now the girls are their own best friends. Together from day one, really. I love that we have girls who have this forever connection, because of us.

how have you retained a friendship for so many years?

Aly: I think it’s acknowledging the commitment our relationship takes that allows it to grow. Especially now that we work together, I know everyday when I wake up and come to work I have to put in the additional effort to nurture our personal relationship to keep it strong. We have our moments, I think any relationship does, but we know how to talk to each other, because we’ve put so much time into understanding one another. This is years and years of work and love and it’s something I still am learning how to perfect, but it’s always paying off. Something that would have broken us years ago, is so trivial now. We know that we can always come back to one another with love, understanding, and the ability to talk through anything. That security, that absolute surety in another person is such a gift. And I make sure I honor that gift with the work it requires.

Leigh: We work at it. You know, it’s not always easy. We fight, we are truly like sisters. But there is so much love there too. That’s why we are always able to come back together and work everything out. We have learned how to communicate and that goes a long way in making sure we get to the heart of one another. It’s so funny, I say all the time that I work harder on my relationship with Aly than I do with my own husband. And I think that’s because friendships, no matter how strong, always have this element of precarity—you can lose someone so easily. So I never want to take her for granted. I always want to put the work in to keep us each other’s number one supporter and biggest advocate. 

what's the story of Pure Salt?

Aly: After we moved to Saudi, I was so creatively burnt out. It took a while to come back into myself and rediscover what makes me happy and fulfilled, and one day it all of a sudden clicked that I wanted to do this. And while I could do it alone, I wanted to do it with Leigh—someone who gets me and gets it, who really works as hard as I do and would get scrappy and get after it and love that kind of work. I knew from our history how well we could work together, so it was as easy as deciding that was the path I wanted to take and as hard as waiting for her to say yes. To me, it was the prefect marriage of our two goals: mine to be an entrepreneur and make something, and hers to build something of her own. And we are both so creative, we had talked in the past about a business together, maybe in event planning, but that never got off the ground the way that Pure Salt did. There was just so much more meat in this design business—truly starting from the ground up, creating and connecting, making something unique, it was infectious how much possibility was in this idea. Leigh saw it and felt it as much as I did. 

Leigh: I remember after Aly moved, she came home for a trip to see family and we went up to a cabin in Big Bear. I had just missed (or was about to miss) Audrey’s third Halloween in a row. I really was flourishing in my LA career, but I was missing the Big Things at home. And it was breaking me. And when Aly came home, she was in a similar boat, where she felt a bit lost on what would fulfill her in all the areas: work, creativity, family. I remember telling her she could do whatever she wanted, she had it in her (little did I know that little pep talk was also aimed at myself). But Aly really took that advice and ran with it! I got an email from her after she got back to Saudi outlining the idea for Pure Salt. I sat on it for a few days, talked to Dustin and he said to go for it, so I replied with a big fat YES. You know, I don’t know if Dustin really thought it would amount to this. That I’d actually leave my career and go all in, but that’s how Aly and I work—we decide to do something and we do it. Fully and completely. I knew what I was betting on when I signed on and I know she did too. 

favorite thing about one another?

Aly: Nothing is impossible to Leigh. We need something to happen in the business? She knows who to call. We want to create something new? She has a hundred ideas. I love that tenacity. It’s in line what we always say about one another, that we won’t take “no” for an answer, but taken to a whole new level. She does’t take the “no” and she gives you the "here’s how” instead. That solution-finding eye is so natural to her, in a way I admire because I operate a bit differently. I think that’s a big part of why our relationship works so well in the business lens—we can recognize what one another does well, and uplift it rather than try to make ourselves embody it. This is a lesson I still work with, competition is such a natural instinct, it can be so so hard to break out of that innate habit, but we are so much stronger when we celebrate one another instead of compete against each other. The things I love about Leigh make me stronger. We fill one another’s gaps and have built such a solid foundation to grow from. 

Leigh: This is good question! I want to make sure I articulate what I’m thinking right . . .

I’m the type to try everything and not worry about if I fail. Like, if something doesn’t work out, it’s whatever, I can try again and do something else, no problem. But what I love about Aly is that she can be so thoughtful and protective of creativity and what she wants. My plough ahead attitude can result in me missing things that matter, or not seeing the full picture, and Aly is always there to light the dark—she can run with ideas in a direction that I never fully appreciated or guide me in a more well-rounded way, I love her eye for these details and her care for creating. 

where do you see the two of you in the future?

Aly: I’m so ready to start enjoying our everyday. We’re about to be next door neighbors again, which means unlimited time for our kids to play and us to spend the simple times together. That’s something that I really miss when we are apart—to decompress from work and then reconnect as friends. To talk about our lives and experience them together. We are going to be soccer moms in the fall, and then we’ll have the holidays to cook and entertain together, and then we’ll start a new year full of play dates and spur of the moment wine nights, watching our kids run around while we sit in our driveways chatting and sunning—all the little things that make up a life, I’m so ready to experience them all side by side, day in and day out. 

Leigh: We’re finally getting to a point with the business where we can let go of some reins here and there and take some time to enjoy ourselves. We love to travel (with and without the kids) so that’s something I’m looking forward to more. Aly’s always wanted a boat, and I love airstream life, so maybe in the future we’ll have one of each and we can take trips by land and sea together!

if you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

Aly: I think it would be that this relationship will be my biggest teacher. I will learn so much about myself and how to love another person. And this relationship will also be the vehicle to everything I’ve ever dreamt of. So I’d say to cherish it. And appreciate every single moment. All the best parts of my life are wrapped up in us, but I think younger me already felt all of that. 

Leigh: I had the thought when we met that I can guarantee that this person will be in my life forever. And I’m sure so many college-bound kids maybe feel the same about their roommate. And it’s true, they are part of your story indefinitely. But I think I’d tell myself to thank God for giving me such a blessing. How lucky am I to have found this life partner the first go around. I really do feel blessed that the first moment I was setting out alone I was given this love of my life. I think I’d tell myself that. 

May 23, 2021 —



Solé Shades

As Pure Salt grows, so does our network of incredible creators. We've been lucky to find amazing partners to work with who want to collaborate with us to bring some stunning pieces to the shoppe—most recently, Solé Shades.

We've been huge fans of Solé for years, using their gorgeous linen drapery and woven shades in our design projects from the get-go, so when we started thinking about k=how to bring our custom drapery look to the shoppe for our customers, we knew it could be no other way than Solé!


Solé Shades has dozens of styles for drapes and shades, so when we were choosing what to include in our collection we had a lot of options to work with. But the decision was relatively clear—we wanted to create with our most loved pleated style. This is the type we have in our own homes, and the recommendation we give to clients who want a simple, elegant look that is simultaneously timeless and oh-so fresh.


We are die hards for a neutral palette, but that doesn't limit us to just one color! Neutrals encompass everything from whites and beiges, to subdued earthy tones, and muted blues and grays, so we wanted to offer a selection that worked for a range of color palettes while still feeling natural and soft. Solé makes all kinds of linen drapes in dozens of colors and patterns, helping us hone in on five colorways to round out our collection.

Find your perfect look!


Equally important as the drapes, is the hardware you hang them on. We wanted a sleek yet classic look and feel, so we worked with Solé to create three metal finishes (brass, bronze, and matte black) in three styles (ball finial, endcap, and privacy rod) that would not only appeal to every taste and style, but complement all five colorways of our drapery.

May 23, 2021 —